• Max Ozkural

    Max Ozkural

    VP, Head of Business Development
    NMLS# 1074882

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    Fannie Mae

    As a leading lender for multifamily properties, Fannie Mae relies on its network of Delegated Underwriting and Servicing (DUS®) partners to finance rental housing. We partner with Fannie Mae transactions as a DUS® lender by offering the newest and most unique programs in the market and ensuring that our clients are connected with the best solution for their needs. We have an experienced team who focuses solely on Fannie Mae financing options, from closing on time to servicing for the life of the loan. Learn more about Fannie Mae financing options at https://multifamily.fanniemae.com/  or contact Superior Mortgage for more information.

    Freddie Mac

    Our Freddie Mac team provides guidance and solutions for all unique situations, committing to timely closing and certainty of execution. We offer unique solutions for any financing challenge, with experience closing loan for over 30 years. We provide financing expertise, managing each step of the process — from due diligence to closing. Your local financing expert can leverage our centralized team for subject matter expertise. Together we offer the best solution for your complex loan offering options that extend beyond financing. Find out more at https://mf.freddiemac.com/

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    Max Ozkural

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    NMLS# 1074882
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